fit1 W2S1 [fıt] v past tense and past participle fitted also fit AmE present participle fitting
2¦(right size/shape)¦
3¦(enough space)¦
5¦(match/be suitable)¦
6 fit somebody for something
7 fit the bill
8 if the cap fits (,wear it)
Phrasal verbs
 fit in
 fit into something
 fit somebody/something<=>out
 fit together
 fit somebody/something<=>up
1.) ¦(CLOTHES)¦
a) [I,T not in progressive]
if a piece of clothing fits you, it is the right size for your body
His clothes did not fit him very well .
The uniform fitted her perfectly .
The jacket's fine, but the trousers don't fit.
I know this dress is going to fit you like a glove (=fit you very well) .
b) [T usually passive]
to try a piece of clothing on someone to see if it is the right size for them, or to make sure a special piece of equipment is right for them
fit sb for sth
I'm being fitted for a new suit tomorrow.
fit sb with sth
He may need to be fitted with a hearing aid.
a) [I and T]
if something fits in a place, it is the right size or shape to go there
I couldn't find a key which fitted the lock.
Most cookers are designed to fit level with your worktops.
fit in/into/under etc
The plastic cover fits neatly over the frame.
fit together
All these bits of tubing are supposed to fit together.
b) [T always + adverb/preposition]
to put something carefully into a place that is the right size or shape for it
She fitted the last piece into the jigsaw puzzle.
3.) ¦(ENOUGH SPACE)¦ [I and T]
if something fits into a place, there is enough space for it
I wanted to put the wardrobe behind the door, but I don't think it'll fit.
You might be able to fit some small flowering plants between the larger bushes.
fit sth in/into sth
I don't think we'll be able to fit any more people into the car.
We should be able to fit one more in.
to put a piece of equipment into a place, or a new part onto a machine, so that it is ready to be used
fit sth on/to etc sth
I need to fit a lock on the bathroom door.
Anti-theft devices are fitted to all our cars.
be fitted with sth
The windows and doors are all fitted with security locks.
5.) ¦(MATCH/BE SUITABLE)¦ [I and T]
if something fits another thing, it is similar to it or suitable for it
The punishment should fit the crime.
Police said the car fits the description of the stolen vehicle.
Scientists often select facts to fit their theories.
He didn't fit the conventional image of a banker.
fit with
The rhythm should fit with the meaning of a poem.
6.) fit sb for sth
formal to make someone suitable for something or able to do something
His natural authority fitted him for a senior position.
7.) fit the bill
to be the type of person or thing that you want
We wanted an experienced sportscaster, and Waggoner fit the bill.
8.) if the cap fits (,wear it)
BrE if the shoe fits (, wear it) AmE spoken
used to tell someone that you think a criticism of them is true
'So you think I'm a liar.' 'Well, if the cap fits...'
sb's face doesn't fit atface1 (20)
fit in phr v
1.) if someone fits in, they are accepted by the other people in a group
I never really fitted in at school.
fit in with
I wasn't sure if she would fit in with my friends.
2.) fit sth/sb<=>in
to manage to do something or see someone, even though you have a lot of other things to do
= ↑squeeze something/somebody<=>in
The doctor said he can fit me in at 4:30.
I wanted to fit in a swim before breakfast.
3.) if something fits in with other things, it is similar to them or goes well with them
I don't know quite how this new course will fit in.
fit in with
A new building must fit in with its surroundings.
You can't expect a baby to fit in with your existing routine.
fit into [fit into sth] phr v
1.) to be part of a group or system
Some of the patients we see do not fit neatly into any of the existing categories.
How does this fit into the company's overall marketing strategy?
2.) to be accepted by the people in a group or organization
She fitted into the team very well.
fit out [fit sb/sth<=>out] phr v
to provide a person or place with the equipment, furniture, or clothes that they need
The office had been fitted out in style.
fit somebody/something<=>out with
The new recruits were fitted out with uniforms and weapons.
fit together phr v
1.) if something fits together or you fit it together, different pieces can be joined to make something
Look, the tubes fit together like this.
fit sth together
The pictures show you how to fit it together.
2.) if a story, set of facts, set of ideas etc fit together, they make sense when considered together
Telecom and computer businesses fit together well.
fit up [fit sb/sth<=>up] phr v
1.) to provide a place with the furniture or equipment that it needs
= ↑fit something<=>out fit somebody/something<=>up with
The rooms are now fitted up with electric lights.
2.) informal to make someone seem guilty of a crime when they are really not guilty
I knew that I had been fitted up.
HINT sense 1
Use fit to say that clothes are not too big or too small. Use suit to say that clothes look attractive on someone The dress fits, but it doesn't suit me.
fit 2
fit2 W3S2 adj comparative fitter superlative fittest
3 see/think fit (to do something)
4 in a fit state (to do something)
5 fit for a king
7 fit to drop
8 fit to burst
9 fit to be tied
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Perhaps from FIT1]
1.) ¦(STRONG)¦
someone who is fit is strong and healthy, especially because they exercise regularly
≠ ↑unfit
You must be very fit if you do so much running.
He was young, good-looking, and physically fit .
I swim twice a week to try and keep fit .
fit for
He may not be fit for Saturday's match.
fit to do sth
I don't know if I'll be fit enough to take part in the race.
Psychiatrists said he was fit to stand trial (=he was mentally healthy enough) .
She's over eighty now, but still as fit as a fiddle (=very fit) .
fighting fit
(=very fit) BrE
I had just come back from holiday and was fighting fit.
2.) ¦(SUITABLE)¦
suitable or good enough for something
≠ ↑unfit fit for
We had to make sure the land was fit for drilling.
Some of the food was not fit for human consumption.
This book is not fit for publication!
fit to do sth
He is not fit to govern this country!
This room is not fit to be seen!
3.) see/think fit (to do sth)
to decide that something is the best thing to do, especially when other people do not agree with you
The government saw fit to ignore our advice.
Sort out the problem in any way you think fit.
4.) in a fit state (to do sth)
especially BrE healthy enough or in good enough condition for something
I was still very shocked and in no fit state to work.
We'll have to make sure the house is in a fit state to receive visitors.
5.) fit for a king
of very good quality
The meal they provided was fit for a king.
BrE sexually attractive
7.) fit to drop
BrE informal extremely tired
It was getting late and most of us were fit to drop.
8.) fit to burst
BrE informal if you are laughing, shouting etc fit to burst, you are doing it a lot
The girls were laughing fit to burst.
9.) fit to be tied
AmE very angry, anxious, or upset
I was fit to be tied when she didn't come home until 2 a.m.
fit 3
fit3 n
2¦(lose consciousness)¦
4 have/throw a fit
5¦(right size)¦
7 in/by fits and starts
[: Old English; Origin: fitt 'disagreement, opposition, fighting']
1.) ¦(EMOTION)¦
a time when you feel an emotion very strongly and cannot control your behaviour
fit of
She killed him in a fit of temper.
He quit his job in a fit of drunken depression.
a short period of time when someone loses consciousness and cannot control their body because their brain is not working properly
She used to have fits as a baby.
people who suffer from epileptic fits
a short time during which you laugh or cough a lot in a way that you cannot control
He had a violent coughing fit .
fit of
The girls collapsed into a fit of the giggles.
We were all in fits of laughter trying to clear up the mess.
Carl had us all in fits (=made us laugh a lot) with his stories.
4.) have/throw a fit informal
to be very angry or shocked
If your mother finds out about this, she'll have a fit.
5.) ¦(RIGHT SIZE)¦ [singular]
the way in which something fits on your body or fits into a space
The dress was a perfect fit .
I managed to get everything into the suitcase, but it was a tight fit .
6.) ¦(SUITABLE)¦ [singular] formal
if there is a fit between two things, they are similar to each other or are suitable for each other
fit between
We must be sure that there's a fit between the needs of the children and the education they receive.
7.) in/by fits and starts
if something happens in fits and starts, it does not happen smoothly, but keeps starting and then stopping again
Technology advances by fits and starts.
He spoke in fits and starts.
fit 4
fit4 past tense and past participle fitted present participle fitting
v [i]BrE
to have a ↑seizure (=a sudden condition in which someone cannot control the movements of their body)
The patient was still fitting.
>fitting n [U]
Fitting continued for more than 5 minutes.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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